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Pinned — July 14, 2022


Competition –

An expression of an artist’s soul in colour and/or shades-

Death –

Coming head to head with another person, persons, team or teams to find a winner and a looser-

Book –

A piece of fruit tied to the story of Adam an Eve-

Carpet –

Surrendering of all tension in the body of being or in the body of the world-

Winter –

The opposite of life, the abyss of the unknown-

Painting –

A floor covering made of soft material-

Apple –

Pages bound together and filled with words or pictures-

Peace –

The coldest season

after — September 16, 2021
one year on — August 6, 2021
The Bird — May 19, 2021
Anything But COVID-19 — November 11, 2020
Shoulder in Lockdown — November 6, 2020

Shoulder in Lockdown


i battle with a body primed to run   

the same as yesterday

what haven’t i done? 

what have i done?

i haven’t taken my pills 

i have taken my pills every day 

a guilty urge to hide in bed 

it’s then i remember

we’re still in lockdown

i think of my feet 

i feel into my hands


interrupting my tricks to fix

a familiar sound

thumping feet on the floorboards 

a wide gait trot

from his bedroom to mine


he pauses at the edge of my mattress

giggles when he meets my eyes

roughly pulls up the doona 

bums his way into bed

and begins stroking my skin

mummy’s shoulder he sighs

then moves his hand to my mouth



we have time this morning

a suburb away 

today his sisters are with their dad 

no school runs

no disability day service 

just him and i 

with nothing in particular

to have to do


Shhhhhhhhh i copy 

blowing the sound onto his hand

do it again he delights

Shhhhhhhhh i sound 

onto his forehead 


He rests his face onto mine

the hair on his chin 

a soft prickle on my cheek

my exhale slows

he sniffs at my mouth

wincing at my un-brushed breath

he pushes my shoulder away 

cuddle Mummy’s back

i laugh and turn


he spoons in close 

strokes the skin on my collar bone

his nose tip touching the back of my neck

Mummy’s shoulder he sighs 

Dispensability — October 8, 2020
Curfew — August 4, 2020


parting one point five

among the lavender

a myna feather


five k ruled radius

behind a fence

frayed bird of paradise


mask-less men at work

the seven sides of a stop sign


a grey gum forks

electric wires

my muzzled breath


distant school bell sings

suitcase on the nature strip


in roller-blade knee pads

an old man paints


the broken lock

on a gate that swings

stage four curfew


eight pm

rings around the August moon


3rd August 2020, Melbourne

Chamber — May 15, 2020
Sacrament of Holy Order — May 1, 2020

Sacrament of Holy Order

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 3.26.09 pm

The International Museum of Rape will be a solemn affair, like the church, where I once mis-placed my reverence. Church, though, being it’s own museum of rape, will have to pay dearly”. Ellena Savage, Blueberries 

drawing by Rebecca Sullivan

Dedicated to The Tuesday before Good Friday 2020