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POST INDUSTRIAL SMS RENKU is produced by Rebecca Sullivan and Brett Gili. Taken from real life SMS interactions, the collaboration plays with the traditional conventions of haiku to highlight the tension between Feminine and Masculine, Nature and Industry, and Love and Destruction.

The print version of the poem is published in Rabbit. A journal for nonfiction poetry, Collaborations Edition 37

haiku — November 10, 2017
Bluestone lips — August 5, 2017

Bluestone lips

behind the mirror


your rough skin and thick neck


my face delivered into working hands

a river salt leached in compound tide

palms breathing internally like a cup

heels compressed into my chin

into the folds of my forehead

skin peeled fingers

bearing weight


your shoulders braced away from wrists




The ‘Special Needs’ of Poetry — July 25, 2017
HIStory of Father Tongue — October 18, 2016
Museum — September 23, 2016


in four limbs around an oval

man cerated


edges framed

and falling to cedar


expanding in triangular

their shadows white


footprints amidst

a maroon sea


the light of ceiling

soaked in a leaking flood


arial footed

lines pasted to the floor


a small diamond window hidden

in the belly of outside

Black — August 28, 2015


the space behind the chalk
above her number plates

circular on the road
transparent on the window

the bottom of the trolley
on the buddha’s back

over the whole truck
behind an open sign

before the milk’s poured in
inside the lining of her boots

underneath the ‘specials’
the cover for an ashtray

a jacket sitting on the seat
between lips on a straw

the letter Z on a box
the lid of a bottle of booze

a tray glued to the wall
a pale plate stacked on blue






ConStruck tt — July 23, 2015
haiku — July 4, 2015