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facebook clown — May 4, 2015

facebook clown

Poem by Rebecca Sullivan 2011

music composition by Dan Sullivan 2013

FaceBook Clown


Chuckling chickens frenzied for food

tear at your tissues while knawing the nude

the touchless the tasteless the feasting fiends

are frying fairy floss at the face book scene


A raucous relaying the ringmaster roars

caging creations in lions clause

befriending offending unfriending and stalking

managing misfits as fingers do walking


The pretty the precious the profile ping

pernicious a postman runs into the ring

pitting a picture prepared for the masses

to piss off the misses and make of a mattress


The listlessly linger by quaking relation

a choir of quiet quailing quotations

while noisy notations and slanderisations

orchestrate the applauding to standing ovation


Crows to the claws and the clown crowns in

the ring master chimes as the fat lady clings

the faceless the balless the cackling clown

is juggling jelly with a facebook frown

SoulEasySolo —


press play on link above to listen to music version of SoulEasySolo

Poem by Rebecca Sullivan

Ben Sullivan on drums

James Mccann on Kalimba

music composition by Dan Sullivan




my friend Solo


in three feet follow

feat only

the sanctuary

a slippery slide

sure footed defeat


not my feet

dirty headed hat

bail back to cap

seep and spill

sound withering



felling in falling

falling in filling



the sanctuary

seals shoes


tempted toes tilled



feat only solo


the sanctuary

steals shoes

three feet on three feet

shoe sink

feat sealed