turquoise town

flagged rooftops

revolution red

ripped on the city outskirts


binoculars on Buddha’s blessings

butter melting

the sage fired air


curtains pulled

over Beijing’s chosen Panchen

homage to a stolen lama


military molestation

a monk pat down measure

at temple gates


machine gun checkpoints

operating their lungs

over chanting nomads


clockwise hum plaited

om mani padma hung

in the hair of pilgrims

in the base of the belly

in the neck

behind eyes

in the right breast


a tourist attraction


one way permeability

all Tibetan passports

confiscated in 2012



the train reversing

a forty-hour goodbye

in a smoke-filled carriage

beige borders blur

ranges melt


an airport gate

a wing span night

waves folding on the sound

of the 747


a cold window thaws

into an opposing season


Air Asia knees

white slippers under blanket

in the seat pocket

Hemmingway’s The Old Man And The Sea

written in Chinese and English

bought at the Beijing station

and permitted to enter